Simply Oregon Timber Supplies

Lengths up to 11.4m Delivered Australia Wide


Welcome to Simply Oregon, the leading retail supplier of Cut to Size (Douglas Fir) Oregon. The vast majority of our Oregon comes from Canada and occasionally we have a small of amount of American.  Oregon has long been recognised throughout Canada and the United States as one of the strongest softwoods on the market.  It has a reputation as an excellent all-purpose wood of great dependability and appearance.

We bring the majority of our timber to Australia in Flitch form (large oblong sections) which we then Cut to Size to meet everyone’s individual requirement.  Our flitch is green and we offer various grades.  F7 being the lowest grade available, then we have F8, F8 Free of Heart Centre – this is the grade that should be used for any external or exposed applications.  Being Free of Heart (the centre of the tree) this means that you should have minimal movement as the timber dries.  We then offer F11 Free of Heart Centre which is the highest grade available.  Flitch widths can be as wide as 450mm sometimes we even get sections that at 500 or 550mm wide.  Generally the thickness of the flitch is up to 150mm and we do occasionally have 200mm thickness available.  Lengths go up to 11.4m and we work in increments of 600mm starting from 1.8m

Oregon is also used for skirting boards, architraves, lining board and many other applications including boat building – for masts in particular.  We therefore bring in small amount of Kiln Dried No. 2 Clear Oregon – we sell this timber in a thickness of either 25mm or 50mm and widths vary from 100mm up to 300mm.  The longest lengths in the Kiln dried material is 6.0m. 

We are able to replicate many original profiles for Skirting Board, Architraves, lining board, weather boards and much more.  Please contact us for any special requirements that you may have - we will be more than happy to assist.

We are now pleased to be able to offer H3 Tru Core Green Treatment (Copper Quat) which covers Borers & Termites and Severe Decay - this will be for Outside above Ground applications and is suitable for posts, framing, handrails, subfloor timbers, joists, pergolas and fascia - this green treatment comes with a 25 year guarantee.                                                                                        

We are also able to offer the option of an H3 Tru Core Clear Treatment (Azole) which also covers Borers, Termites and Moderate Decay - this is suitable for weatherboards, fascia, cladding, pergolas, posts etc.  The clear treatment also comes with a 25 year guarantee.                                                  

Please note that the treatments are both water based, it is therefore imperative that the timber is still protected with an oil based product when being used for external use.