Exposed Beams, Trusses, Fascia & More

Simply Oregon deals solely in West Coast and Canadian Oregon. These species are not to be confused with Oregon originating from other countries. The climatic conditions in which our Oregon grows ensures that the grain of the timber, which determines it's strength and durability, is tight. Oregon grown is other conditions will exhibit a coarser grain making it unsuitable in many applications.

Considering that Oregon is our sole product, you can be guaranteed that we make every effort to supply the best timber possible.

The majority of our timber is green (unseasoned), which means that it has not been dried. You may experience some shrinkage, but if the appropriate grade has been ordered, then any defects which may occur will be minimal and will not effect the quality of the Oregon. We do also have on hand a small amount of Kiln Dried No. 2 Clear Oregon - this has been dried to 15% which meets the Australian Standard.

The grades produced are F7, F8, F8 FOHC and F11 FOHC. These indicate the maximum allowable defect in a piece to achieve a certain strength as stated by Australian Standards 2858-2001 "Timber-Softwood-Visually graded for structural purposes". The higher the number, the higher the grade.

Cut-to-size is produced in 600mm increments, starting at 1.8m long, then 2.4m, 3.6m, etc up to 9.6 metres.



- The Oregon used should be free of heart centre (FOHC). Heart centre describes the very centre of the tree in a piece of timber, also known as pith. Because this area is the most unstable part of the tree, the use of free of heart centre Oregon in all external applications reduces the occurrence of movement defects such as splitting or twist.

- As with any timber included in construction outdoors, the life of oregon will be greatly prolonged when a suitable oil based paint or timber preservative is applied to and maintained on all surfaces. Ensure during construction that all end sections are sealed before fixing and incisions made for hardware are protected.

- Rot occurs when the moisture content of the timber is raised unnaturally high for an extended period. To protect oregon from rot, simply have a roof cover for your pergola or carport so as water cannot pool on the surface of the timber. Posts should be supported clear of the ground in stirrups (at least 50mm or higher) and not come into direct contact with the ground.  Remember you can now have your timbers treated to H3 Tru Core Clear (Azole) which covers Borers, Termites and Decay.

If these simple steps are taken from the onset of construction you will enjoy the beauty of this product for years to come.