The Marysville Anglican Church

I think anyone living in Victoria in February 2009 will remember the devastating bush fires that destroyed most of the town of Marysville. This day coincided with the worst bush-fire-weather conditions ever recorded. The town was effectively closed off and reopened to the public again on 23rd March.
Around 90% of the towns’ buildings were destroyed including The Marysville Anglican Church.
We are extremely proud to be the supplier of Oregon Timber for the rebuilding of the new church and we’ll keep you updated with progress shots along the way. Special thanks for the design images from David at Post & Beam in Healesville & the Church Vicar.
If you can spare a day on the weekend or even an entire weekend away, do yourself a favour and take a drive up as the town of Marysville is absolutely stunning. Quaint little shops on the tree lined streets, beautiful and shady in the summer and simply stunning in the autumn. Take your road bike, MTB and climb Lake Mountain in the warmer months or snow gear in the Winter if you’re looking for some added fun and you'll be supporting the local community.

Marysville Anglican Church.JPG

The Marysville Anglican Church Design by Post & Beam

Progress of the Rebuild