Oregon Timber Used For Formwork

Our Flitch comes in several grades and with our Oregon F7 having a coarse grain, is perfect for architecturally designed formwork pours. Basically the result is that when they pull the timbers away from the concrete once it has set it leaves an imprint of the wood grain on the surface, an awesome appearance.

It is a method of construction that is being used more frequently these days because concrete is extremely well-suited as a finished material in modern design, and by imprinting the wood grain on the surface, it visually softens and warms concrete’s somewhat cooler appearance while still allowing concrete to express the construction technique.  We’ve got some great examples of formwork here which was done by  Conc-create located in Melbourne, Vic.

Images of completed projects are from

Concreter:  Conc-create     http://conccreate.com.au

Architect: Edition Office   http://edition-office.com

Bluline Projects :          http://blulineprojects.com.au

There's an interesting article here (via link) by 'Life Of An Architect' http://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/board-formed-concrete/

concrete timber pattern using oregon melbourne.JPG
concrete formwork using oregon conc-create and architect is edition office melbourne.jpg
bluline projects with concrete by conc create.JPG
concrete pattern using oregon blueline projects.JPG
edition office is the architect rough sawn oregon melbourne.JPG
concrete pattern effects using oregon melbourne by bluline projects.JPG