Oregon is suitable for a wide variety of applications and has been highly respected for this reason by engineers and builders in Australia for over 100 years.

Commercial and Industrial

Oregon has long been regarded as a superior material for structural components and in heavy timber applications. It is used extensively for pilings, railway ties, sawmill and warehouse construction and numerous other areas where structural performance is of the utmost importance.

The species is highly resistant to chemical reaction and is often used in the manufacture of vats, tanks, containers, flumes, conduits and similar industrial components.

Oregon's stability and workability make it the perfect choice for form work and scaffold planks where a strong, lightweight timber is required.


The strength and beauty of natural oregon beams enhance the warmth and visual appeal of any home, whether it is being used extensively in a post and beam construction or utilised simply in a pergola.

It's high strength to weight ratio makes the timber easily employed in the construction of concealed house framing, roof beams and rafters or fascia.

Oregon can now be used in  external structural applications such as bearers and joists under weather exposed decks so long as the H3 Tru Core Green Treatment is applied.   Please remember that Oregon can only be used for Above Ground Applications.

We also have a small supply of Kiln Dried No. 2 Clear Oregon which is suitable for boat building and many other applications - including Skirting boards, lining board and architraves.  Please contact us for more information as our range of cutters are very extensive.