Bamboo Decking: Beautiful, Durable and Ecological

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We are pleased to have added to our range Enspire Bamboo Decking which is a true combination of beauty, durability and ecological sustainability. It is FSC Certified from Moso Bamboo – the species that Pandas don’t eat. It is uniquely manufactured from strips of Moso Bamboo, thicknessed and laminated face to face using Phenolic glue to form a board. Included in this process is the patented hook joint which offers the long lengths. The bamboo is carbonised and treated against rot and fungi. Lastly each board is coated twice with Cutek Extreme with gold colour tone – this adds a layer of protection against water and UV giving it added stability and protection.

Bamboo Decking is made from the world’s most renewable plant source. Bamboo is self seeding and grows to maturity quickly offering a cutting cycle of 4-6 years, therefore when compared to the longer cycles of typical rain forest hardwoods (70- 120 years) it’s so clear that a renewable sourced bamboo is the right answer

We offer a size of 140mmx19mm in either 5.4m or 6.0m lengths.

Benefits are:

  • All long lengths 5.4m or 6.0m
  • No bleeding, leaching or stain
  • Environmentally responsible FSC Certified
  • 100% Sustainably harvested
  • All clear grade – no knots
  • Very hard wearing
  • 304 stainless hidden fastening system